Old Vines Restaurant is within Quails Gate Winery. This wasn’t a planned restaurant on the list to try out, but you know how these things go? “oh since we are here”. Love how some of the best discoveries are unplanned.

We aren’t starting this review in order of places we tried. This was the Best Restaurant on our trip. It’s only fair to start with an unexpected surprise. 4 days, 7 restaurants we ate at. Don’t worry not going to review them all; we are just picking the ones we liked.

Dungeness Crab Cakes shaved fennel, celery & apple slaw, buttermilk “rémoulade” dressing

And we really really liked this one! From service, food and the views was just beyond epic. We started with the Dungeness Crab Cakes. First bite we had a good serving of crab, the apple and celery slaw was nice freshly made. Great balance of flavors, the slaw, sauce and crab cake worked beautifully together! I think this was the best crab cake I’ve ever had.

Braised Free Run Chicken Pasta red wine & tomato braise, red onion, garden oregano, pecorino

From there we separated to our own main courses. I had the Chicken Pasta and Chee had the Beef Butchers Cut. The Pasta was bang on. The sauce actually brought out more of the flavor of the chicken. Having it free ranged brought back memories of having chicken from Fiji (it’s mainly free range there). There is a huge taste difference. Something I highly recommend you all to try. The serving of chicken was more than I expected, the further down the pasta I devoured, the more chicken I would find! A+

Cache Creek Natural Beef Butcher’s Cut Suncatcher sieglende potatoes & kale, crispy onion, chimichurri

Chee – Twenty minutes after the appetizer, I got my main course. It was definitely worth the wait. The waiter indicated that it’s a lean cut of meat which referred to as entrecôte or contre-filet from the sirloin portion; dry aged for at least 35 days. Medium rare was recommended as there are less marbles on the meat. I had chosen to go with rare.

The meat was lightly sear on the outside and well rested before it was cut into it; there were no juices running on the plate. Soft, tender and full meaty flavour was exactly how it looked and tasted like. Also Included on the plate were roasted potatoes & kale, crispy onion and chimichurri. The chimichurri worked very well with the beef as it gave a little bit of fresh herbal saltiness to the meat. Pairing with a glass of intense and full bodied Quails’ Gate Old Vines Foch red wine made it complete.

Dark Chocolate Cremeux earl grey scented, burnt orange ice cream, raisin sauce

Steve – After all that, I had to have desert. Man oh man, that was some desert, and it literally was sex on a plate. If you look at it, there are a lot of different ways (positions) you can eat (do) it. I’ll leave it at that, this is a must have if you ever visit.

Check out the Flickr pages for more pictures.

Photographed by Chee


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